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July 7, 2021 reading

Many questions

This is a photography website but it's also a kind of journal to not forget what i read and in specific, the quotes and references from Haruki Murakami books are so many that i need to write them down somewhere.

And this seems to be the place, the one to share my thoughts with.

Started different books this year, also because until February we had plenty of time to waste not being able to go anywhere or working outside, so after different titles i stopped to Kafka on the Shore.

My first Murakami influence and love.

Beginning of Kafka on the Shore was a bit slow and many elements to come together but once the dots come to join between the, i just couldn't stop from reading it till i ended, not so clear and with many unsolved questions in my mind but that's what a story is like. You don't always have all the answers.

Then, i decided to go for the second one and so as far as i like Orwell's 1984, my choice went to 1Q84 that has a meaning in Japanese language.


So, Q and 9 are read in the same way so that's for 1Q84 stands for a parallel 1984. A thriller or a love story in a spy novel? Religion, sects and killers.

Investigations and a parallel worlds with two moons. What is fascinating about Murakami is the fact that you are in the real world with Beethoven, Proust and a lot of music like Radiohead or Janacek's Sinfonietta mentioned a lot in 1Q84, you seem to move into a Grim's tale with strange talking characters like the cats in Kafka on the Shore.


Sometimes, when you read a book, a phrase is like a revelation, so much resonating with your own thoughts. And i often stop and think: Why i did not connect with this before? It was so obvious.

First topic and quote

Religion as often is a long topic of debate, i really enjoyed Murakami's point of view in regard

Murakami's POV about cult ''they are dangerously effective feeders of people need for stories''

and this is just so spot on on what i personally think about the topic.

''[...] almost none is looking for painful truths. What people need is beautiful, comforting stories that make them feel as if their lives has some meaning. Which is where religion comes from.''(Leader of religion cult in 1Q84)

I have not finished yet this book but it has already hooked me between his two moon world, a strange rich woman helping other battered women escaping from abusive situations, a love story sensed since the second chapter and a nosy, intelligent thief investigating on the murder of someone important.

As always, Murakami keeps you stuck onto his pages, pouring all his past experience in music, (he had a jazz bar in his youth), and also interviews he had with members if the cult group who inflicted the attacks on innocent civil people, with chemical agent sarin. So, all his past gathered information came to life in this new version of 1984 sprinkled with some of the magic of Murakami's fantasy and magic.



Murakami's Quote

Book covers of 1Q84v around the work

I, myself chose the cover with the woman's face because at the end Aomame is the essence of this story and because i find extremely beautiful the skin and the faces of asian women.

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